The Taste Of Love

It may seem like an overflogged issue but it only seems so and is definitely worth mentioning over and over again. Love is the most basic element in life. It is like the spice added in a meal to give it it's peculiar taste.

God is the one that made the five senses. When you think of these senses; touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste, the one that stands out as almost unnecessary is the sense of taste.

The other four senses all perform functions that help us to better navigate our way through life. The taste sense really is a function that has little to do with protection than it does with pleasure. Our tongues were blessed with this innate function because even though God thought it was important that we eat to nourish our bodies, He also thought it was important that we find pleasure in the process of nutrition.

The reason we add spices to our meal is to help bring pleasure to our tongues and make the food welcome into our body. It really is the taste of the food that we look forward to in the process of eating. What makes us prefer a certain restaurant instead of the other is because of the spice they have used to garnish up the meal being presented for consumption.

Love brings a certain flavor into every experience of our lives. In our imperfect system and world order, the only thing that is totally tasteful is love.

I have heard parents complain about the stress and troubles they have to go through to ensure their children experience every comfort they can afford. Especially after a gut wrenching, stress filled day, one thing most parents would not deny is the pure joy they feel every time they come home to the love represented in the smiles of their children and the warmth of a spouse.

The bottom line is this, without love, life feels tasteless. Love is the spice that makes every experience we go through more than worth it.

Love over fear.


Author, Script Writer and Blogger on love, life and marriages. I believe our society would be a healthier place when people honour the right perspective of marriage.

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