LLM Top 5 - Day 2

Hello guys,

How was your day today? Hope something great did occur for you. I on the other hand, had one of the most eye opening, mind popping days ever but I would not be sharing about that today.

So...we are still on our Top 5. Yayyy.....Drumrolls please....lol. Well, I actually have been reading the posts from the blog again to get reacquainted with some of my favorites. I am yet to get the hang of all of them, but I discovered this one which I really liked.

Today on The LLM Top 5 countdown, coming in at number 4, we have....drumrolls again......Submitting To The Vision.

I actually think this is my all time favorite post but for today it is coming in at number 4. Why I like the post is because it challenges the new status quo that is wrongly being projected. If you are yet to read it, please click on the blue link above and you would be redirected.

However, let me write this in addition to the post. It is very important that a husband and wife see life through the same vision lens. Not aligning to this line of sight is the cause of division in a home. If you feel like you are having problems buying into the vision of the home, your best move would be to get help from God.

What were your thoughts about Submitting To The Vision?

Remember you can also create you own LLM Top 5 countdown. Simply take a screen shot of the logo and write your top 4 favorite posts ending it with #llm5

A healthy happy home is possible on your watch.

Love over fear.


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