LLM Top 5 - Day 3

My favorite past time LLM post for today is The Art of Waiting.

Life started very fast for me. However, in the last decade of my life, I have often found myself in life's waiting room, time after time. I really do appreciate this post because of certain lessons I have learned while sitting in life's waiting room.

One of such lessons is, sometimes it is better for you to be late, than run ahead. Everyone is in a hurry to be the one to revolutionize one thing or the other but no one is in a hurry to revolutionize themselves. It really is not important if you get somewhere first. What matters is if you would be able to maintain and increase your relevance in that space.

Waiting is a process that develops strength of character in those who practice it. It is a resolve that helps to ensure that whatever is rightfully yours finds its way to you in due course while also being allowed to fully bloom in its new environment.

Another lesson I have learnt in the waiting room is that there is always a reason. Do not be too quick to end the experience that you loose sight of the person you are slowly becoming.

Love is Patient

Love over fear.


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