I really wasn’t going to write on this blog until September, however, right now, I am a bit melancholic so here goes.
This week has been quite frustrating. I have two projects I presently am working on which I have been trying so hard to make perfect but now, has become difficult to make good. Hence, my frustration with myself.
I think it’s good to have great expectations but sometimes, those great expectations could hinder instead of inspire. In setting a bar so high for ourselves, it’s easy to forget to just appreciate the stage we are at. So instead, we tend to create mediocre versions of other people and not be any kind of version of ourselves. At the end of process, is self awareness and growth. Each individual is on their own journey to their finished works. For those at the end of some stage, it is best to understood, they had to walk their own path per time, to reach such desirable outcomes.
There’s a reason for your process and a certain outcome to it. I love to use this verse that says,
“All things work together for good….” (Jer 29:11).
There are different things that comprise everybody’s mix of ‘all things’, so analyzing someone else’s results by your process is not being true to whatever it is God has permitted you go through.
Having a healthy expectation of yourself is key to moving up the reigns of success. Yes, you are capable of achieving anything but also know you grow into those capacities. Time and experience come to give us a gift of new layers of self-awareness. I mean if we were once and for all, all we could be, then what would be the point of living. Like, you are done, dusted…finished.
So this was my unrealistic expectation, I just started doing this thing and yet, I expect that by some miracle I would be like the great ones who have spent countless hours, perfecting their skill in it. My unrealistic expectation crippled me. It’s however great to know that we can start from where we are and build up. The important thing is in recognizing your starting point is a vantage point which only gets better.
One great advise my friend gave me once, was ‘be yourself.’  Be true to who you are. Be true to your experiences. Be true to your process.  Be true to your weakness. Be you. Why? Because the world is waiting for that version of you. Never, has anyone been quite like you and never would anyone be. In your uniqueness, does your advantage lie.
So, be you!!!
Love over fear.


Author, Script Writer and Blogger on love, life and marriages. I believe our society would be a healthier place when people honour the right perspective of marriage.

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