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Welcome to the LLM Top 5. I just want to say first that I have really enjoyed writing on this blog and writing to you guys especially. Thank you for taking out the time to read and give your feedback. I am encouraged and really do appreciate your support.

I know a lot of people still think love is for wussies and I really would not blame anyone for this mindset. I used to be in that league before my mind got changed and is now being transformed. Although that's not part of the LLM Top 5, I could not resist chipping it in.

Now, let me begin.

I don't know if to call this my number 5 or my number 1. I would leave you to pick a number, but this is by far my favorite sentimental post: One Fear Down.

My reason is because I was so close shelled when I first began writing. I was fearful and I was not willing to be open either. God had to do a whole lot of work in me to get me to use my words.

I would say this, immediately after putting out my first post, I did feel like I was going down a path I had so desired and also felt like I was giving back some of what God has blessed me with. It is truly an awesome feeling I must tell you.

One big lesson I have learnt during this time is, you never do have to have all the elements put together. Once you start on the right trajectory, the focus surely becomes clearer. You never have to know the full plan for a thing to kick start it. Now is a pretty good time if you ask me. If you were to take a journey to Ibadan, I am sure you would not have full knowledge of the traffic situation. Not withstanding however, you would set out on the journey without this full knowledge with the hopes that you would get there. This is the same with your dreams, Take the step to start it and with steady progress you would surely get to your desired stop.

From my first post, you would see I was just trying to bring life to what was really heavy inside, but over time I have been brushing up my ability to articulate what the weight really is and how to better express it.

One other thing I have learnt is, you should never compromise the peace you have on the inside for things you see on the outside. When I first started the blog, I really never knew if I was doing the right thing or if anyone was reading. In fact, writing the first post, I kept asking myself, 'why are you doing this?' But all questions, fears and doubt were insignificant to the kind of peace I felt from doing what I knew God would have me do. For the first time, I felt like I actually earned my right to sleep.

With the journey still ahead, I have also learnt not to look outward to determine the legitimacy of  the cause. This has really helped me maintain a focus despite all.

So, 'One Fear Down', serves as a reminder for me that even though this entire process is a journey, I really am not at the place I started the journey at.

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Tomorrow, watch out for the review of my next favorite post. You do not want to miss this one.

Love over fear.


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