Top 5 - The Finale

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Today our countdown would be two fold, The Top 4 and 5. I could not get a post written yesterday and I apologize for that. Please let's begin.

At number 4 is 'A call to service.' When writing this post, I kept thinking about how easy it is for people to get married for the wrong reasons. The most common being the need to have a cook. If you need a cook, you do not need to be married, instead, you should hire one. Entering marriage with a mindset of taking only is setting yourself on a path of doom. Both parties in the union are called into it to serve each other. When both parties seek to find ways where they can best practice service, their marriage would yield dividends they could never have thought up.

The final post on review this week also serves as my best post on the blog. Coming in at number 5 is 'The Vision.' If you have not read this post, please take out a minute to read the post by following the link. The important thing about setting a vision is that it sets a direction for any group or individual to follow. No vision is synonymous with having no direction. The way Sailor's often find their way home when they are lost at sea is by looking up for the north star. When they see the north star, they can easily tell which way they should go to get to their destination. Vision is like a north star. It helps give some sort of bearing to any process in life.

Taking vision out of marriage to other areas of life, it is easy to tell what is not being done and what is being done, when the parameters for direction are set. Vision is very important in helping you decide if you have arrived at your desired stop or not. There is no way, you can tell if you are at your destination if you have no idea where exactly it is you are trying to get to.

In a home, you know how successful you have navigated the affairs of the home when you and your spouse seek God's face in setting the vision.

It is important that you incorporate this into your family or future family and teach your children the values behind following through with the family vision.

That's our short review for the week. Be sure to catch up on other posts on the blog over the weekend and share the ones that blessed you as well.

Next week, we would be looking into some side effects of love. This is a week I would want you to be part of. Please make plans to follow up with every post from this series.

I pray you have a lovely weekend. As an action point, seek out one way to love someone else and share it with us in the comments box. Thank you very much.

Love over fear.


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