Pathway To Healing

One of my favorite things to do is, watch series. I wonder what yours is? One of my favorite series however is Chicago Med. I really learn a lot on the show with regards to different situations that go on in the ER.

There was this episode where they had brought in an alcoholic with an issue. He was in the ER for a while and the staff on ground were trying to help him. However, they were not making much progress because he was not willing to help himself. What the nurse actually did was to get him more alcohol to calm him down.

You see, it's sort of like us all. There are times when someone may desire to help another individual but offering such assistance at that time, may not be appreciated in the least bit. My friend was telling me about something I had done once which I had gotten in trouble for to which I responded that quite frankly at that time, I was not willing to accept any help.

The point is this. Help only works for people willing to be helped. If you have not acknowledged that you have an issue that needs attention, then a solution would do you little good. This is because a solution only works when it is linked to an identified problem. Since in your mind, there is no problem, then invariably, there can be no solution.

The first step to healing, is acceptance. Self denial would not get you very far in life. Especially when you are oblivious to this fact. It is best you ask God to open your eyes to what you are missing so you can be accepting of it.

Once you have recognized that there really is a problem, you are halfway to recovery. There is no way that denying the existence of a problem would bring about resolution in that matter. If anything it makes the problem worse till it becomes too glaring.

One thing you can do is to evaluate the comments of those around you. The thing is people may not be upfront with you about what they feel, but if you are sensitive enough, you can get some hints dropped here and there. This is no time to take offense.

What you need to do in this instance is to listen to what was said, evaluate yourself and see if this is true. If you find it to be true, then start the process of fixing it.The Bible calls this judging yourself.

Sometimes, you may notice this to be true, so ask those you trust around you if it is something they have noticed about you and seek be willing to hear their response. Even with people that seem malicious, you would find sometimes, they describe a situation more accurately than those that seem well meaning. It would be wisdom for you to make use of their words to seek ways to better yourself only. Never take offence. It is too costly an act for you to manage.

One thing to note however, is that there are times people would throw comments at you for their selfish reasons. Sometimes, they just want to mold you into the picture they have in their head of you. It is important to be discerning of this, so that what you really take one is the form God intended for you and not that which another human selfishly desires.

However, all these are with regards to external behavior. I would expand more on acceptance with regards to unseen attitudes tomorrow.

Love over fear.


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