Pathway To Healing (3)

I have been in situations where I can see someone clearly going down a wrong path and I feel very powerless to help them. It's like you saying, God do something and God doesn't move.

Two days ago, I mentioned that  I like watching Chicago Med. To divert, I really believe life is a movie and we are just acting out our script. Back to what I was saying. In the episode where this patient was an alcoholic, there was this physician on duty. The doctor was upset because he thought the nurse had given the patient alcohol to drink. The nurse corrected him that it was their boss that had given the man the drink not her. This he could not understand and he decided to confront their boss. The doctor is the one I am focusing on in this instance.

You see, he was really trying hard to help this patient so that he could be cured. He really did have good intentions. He thought taking the hard approach would eventually get the patient to see that what he needed was to be healed.The problem was, the patient already knew this but was not ready to be healed. He was not ready to quit the alcohol; he was not ready to change. The doctor's thinking was he needed to apply more restraints on him to help him. Even though that may have led to a fix, it would just have been a temporary one because immediately the patient leaves the hospital, he would be heading out to grab another drink.

Most of us have good intentions towards others, in fact, we hold the best intentions. However, too many times, we hold the reins of control in such situations that we do not allow God step in to do what He only does best.

Especially when we see someone going the wrong way, it is very tempting to try to force them into the path we think they should be on in the first place. The real test here is our ability to trust God to use any situation to bring these ones back to Him. You see when we think there is a problem with someone else, the real issue is with us. We are too controlling or not trusting enough of God.

How about we take to our knees in trying to change the situation. How about we hand it over to God for Him to do what is best in bringing these ones back to Him. We must learn to love people on our knees.

You cannot help anyone that is not willing to be helped. If God would not abuse another man's will, then we should follow after him. This situation though applies to those who are mature.

However, when it has to do with a child, it is your duty as a parent to direct that child because they do not know what way to actually go.

Receive healing from your need to be controlling and see how God turns a hopeless situation around for His glory.

Love over fear.


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  1. This is good stuff. I have a couple of friends like this and I have also been in such situations as well...I'm learning to not be so controlling and just let God cause the change I want to see . great piece