Pathway To Healing (2)

You know I love to see the optimism in a child's eye. They have no inhibitions whatsoever. Life is still very fresh to them. There's fun and love and adventure and life could not be more fantastic if you ask them.

We all come into life with this zest. We expect that it would all be rosy, things would go well for us. No issues would dare cross our paths and like in the fairy tales, we would live happily ever after.

No where in the Bible was this written concerning us. In fact, God's promise to us was to be with us through it all.

Growing up,we are never really prepared for this transitional phase from lala land to reality land. Even though we may have been prepared, most times we really do not heed the warnings because we believe, life's path is an easy run for us.

A lack of preparation for the things life presents to us often knocks the wind off our sails and makes us question, why me? I read an account of someone's story once on his take of why me? He said, why not him? What makes him so special that he could not go through whatever it is that life brought him. While, I many not totally agree with this, I believe though that assuming that we would all coast through life without any sort of hardship coming our way, is a very naive thought to entertain.

Having said that, it would be incomplete to think because life brings it's own form of hardships, it would not bring its own form of rewards. It really just depends on your perspective of a half full half empty cup. Both are correct, but perspective is what is in question here.

Too many people buy into the idea of their glass being half empty, so when a trial comes, they glorify the situation instead of God in that situation. This is one thing, I have seen. If God allows something that looked unfair to happen to you, it is because He would allow another thing that looks unfairly favorable to happen to you.

However, stopping at it just being unfair stops you from experiencing an unfair advantage. When people say favor is unfair, this is not totally true. Favor may look unfair, but it is very just. Because God is a God of justice, when the devil comes in to steal something from you, He sets you up to receive something much bigger in return. Ordinarily, you would not have qualified for this advantage however, the unfair ill that happened to you, makes you a candidate for such favor.

Having knowledge of this truth enables a change of heart from hurt, regret, malice, hatred, resentment, anger or whatever ill thought or emotion that can be concocted. You would actually look at the cup as half full knowing that in due time, God would fill the cup right up to overflowing and that that thing that did hurt, would not hold so much significance anymore in your life.

The thing is, God is willing to heal your heart, but first you need to allow Him do this. He would NEVER contravene our will. He needs your consent. So when you examine yourself and gain a new understanding that something that hurt so much can become bigger in reverse, then you are set to experience unfair, unmerited favor.

God really does love you. He is not joking when He says that and He is not lying either. Just believe it.

Love over fear.


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