The Dark Horse Surely Rises

I heard once that the average adult is likely to change body size ten times in his adult years. Don’t quote me on that however, my point is, the human form of an individual is prone to consistent change, hardly ever remaining the same forever. This is the same with life conditions. Nothing is constant and thinking that life would not present its own form of challenges to you, is an unrealistic mindset to hold.

The good news is Jesus has promised to be with us through all of life’s seasons. However, during these times, He deploys people to come to our aid. It is important to maintain a level head and not give way to pride because you never know when you would need someone’s help along the way. One thing I have seen about God is how He brings people different kinds of people on our paths in life. Some random meeting that may seem insignificant at a certain time, may prove to be the very connection you need to get something done 5 years from now.

It’s important to place premium on relationships. I have seen people who were high up, sadly fall low by no fault of their own. I have seen people rise up to be overnight successes and then we wonder what did we miss. It is God that takes the beggar out of the dunghill and sets him amongst the princes to stay. One of the people I am always careful around are those who most people count as nobodies. They are the most understated of people. I am quite careful with them because I know how God takes individuals and shines His glory in their lives so that those who looked down on them cannot but acknowledge that this had to be God.

Be careful how you treat people. Since learning about honour in church, one thing I am endeavour to do is honour people in my thoughts first before showing forth honour externally. Our actions easily flow from our thoughts, it is easier to correct your thought first, so your action can align with what you think than try it the other war around.

As the saying goes, those who you meet going up are the same people you meet coming down.

Love over fear.


Author, Script Writer and Blogger on love, life and marriages. I believe our society would be a healthier place when people honour the right perspective of marriage.

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